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Mexican Lust Video – Hardcore Fucking

We are back, as promised, with another hot mexican lust video for you guys. This time we have this cock craving MILF that was desperate for some fresh meat. You surely recognize her because this isn’t her first visit on mexicanlust. But leaving this beside, she’s this smoking hot babe with an amazing body, huge all natural juggs and an eager pussy that’s always ready for a rough pounding, just like the beautiful latina babes from lunascam videos.

She had a photo shoot a few days ago and things went better then she expected. She got set up with this hot photographer and after they finished things got hotter. She asked him to take her some pics for her portfolio and he agreed of course. But he didn’t expect this, she started undressing and finger-fucking her pussy making this extremely horny. So he left the camera on the table and shoved his hard cock in her juicy pussy and stretched it to the limits. So don’t miss out this hot video. Enjoy it and see you next time with more galleries!

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Mexican Lust Video – Lesbian Fun

We thought you deserved something special so in this mexican lust video you have two smoking hot babes making out and pleasing each other’s pussy. These two hotties are very good friends but they never thought to take things to the next level. They both are in serious relationships and never had any gal on gal experience. But this didn’t stop them on late night when they were left alone. Their men went out of town for a few days with in a business trip, so they decided to waste time together.


After they tried out all of their cloths and chatting, the gals opened a bottle of wine and started watching at a video type. They first thought it was a romantic comedy, but after a few minute they figured it out. It was a porn movie rented by one of their men. But because they were dizzy they gave it a try and got extremely horny. So they started kissing each other passionately and undressing each other. Then they started licking each other’s eager pussy and finger-fucking. So don’t miss this mexicanlust update. Enjoy it!

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MexicanLust – Shower Fuck

MexicanLust brought you another hottie with her insane shower fuck scene.Her name is Sussy and she’s this smoking hot teen, with an amazing body, amazing curves and an eager pussy waiting to get stuffed, she is looking just like the models from atkexotics galleries. She was on her break after gym when she was surprised by two of her colleagues. She was all sweaty and dirty so she went to their lockers to wash up. She took her cloths off and went to the shower like everyday after gym. Well today was a different, because after she tested the water she heard some noises behind her and there they were.



Horny and completely naked stroking their cocks while checking her out. At first she panicked and grabbed her towel, but after talking to the guys she finally agreed. So they closed the door and mind of their own business. After the sucked both of the hard cocks she bent over and took the up her tight holes, stretching them to the limits. Check out more mexican lust updates with more latina hotties getting roughly pounded! Enjoy it and see you next time!

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Her First Threesome

You all remember Liza right? Well she’s back on mexican lust with her first hardcore threesome. She got convinced by one of her friend to try out fucking with two guys in the same time. Liza had her fair number of cocks until now, but she never tried out two in the same time. So she accepted her friend’s offer and let him take care of everything. She received a call the other night from him, telling her that it was all done and she had a hot date with these two hunks the next evening. Liza prepared but she was nervous because it was her first time and she didn’t even knew the guys.


When she arrived there she found the hunks completely naked waiting for her on the couch with their tool and hard and ready for her. So she didn’t think twice and took off her cloths and jumped on her knees ready for business. Liza begun sucking one cock while stroking the other one until they were hard and ready for her pussy. Then she bent over and got what she need, a rough pussy pounding! So don’t miss Liza’s first threesome scene and check out the entire gallery on mexicanlust! Enjoy it and check out website if you wanna see other horny Latina gals fucking.

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Mexican Lust – Liza

We brought you a new babe on mexican lust and she sure is a naughty one. Her name is Liza and she loves sucking cocks and getting roughly hammered. This horny amateur Latina teen has an amazing body, delicious curves, huge all natural juggs and an eager pussy. She got set up by her friends with this hot guy, but she had a surprise at their first date. He brought with him another friend to keep them company. She was so desperate for a pounding that she was ok with having a threesome.

So they went to her place and started making out and ripping off their cloths. Then she grabbed his hard cock and shoved in her mouth and started sucking it and swallowing all the cum she got. Then she bent over and took both of the cocks in her tight holes. She got her eager pussy and her tight butthole destroyed and stretched to the limits by the hard monster tools. But at least she got what she wanted, to ride a hard cock like crazy. So check out the rest of the mexicanlust gallery to see Liza in action. We’ll be back next week with more updates for you!


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Cock Hungry Latina

We returned with Karina and her mexican lust galleries. She just can’t keep anything for you guys so she brought you her latest gallery. Karina just can’t resist without a good pounding and you know how it is, why settle with one when you can have two. So she went out for shopping and she had so many bags that two guys offered to help her out. We know that you love watching hot latina babes getting fucked so she wanted to thank them and she invited them to her place for a glass of wine.

On their way home she noticed that one of the guys was checking her out, and he also was kind of cute. So she thought why not! When they arrived at her place she just couldn’t take it anymore and jumped right over him and started undressing him. But she didn’t manage to take off only his shirt, because he already took off his monster cock and stuffed it in her mouth. So she begun sucking and she didn’t stop until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her huge juggs. The other guys started undressing her and massaging her impressive knockers in the same time. You must check out this mexicanlust scene, so enjoy!


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Mexican Lust – Hardcore Threesome

As promised, we are back with more mexican lust hardcore content for you guys. This time, as you already noticed, we have slutty Karina once again with us and she brought us her hot threesome scene. The other night she was invited by a friend to check out with him his new club. This naughty latina put on her sexy black lingerie, a tiny dress, stockings and high heels and went to meet him. When she arrived she started taking shots with her buddy and she got kind of dizzy. But everything was ok, because she found these three guys to take care of her.


So they went to an apartment so she could rest without any noise around her. But when she arrived there the guys started undressing and stroking their huge cocks. Karina just couldn’t say no to that, so she took off her cloths bent over. She started sucking a fat cock while the other monster tool started stuffing her eager holes, stretching them to the limits. Check out this insane scene to see who everything ended and to see Karina in hardcore action. Don’t miss it and we’ll be back next week with more mexicanlust updates!

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MexicanLust – Gangbang

Another hot mexicanlust update is here for you lucky guys. Today we have Karina and her hardcore gangbang scene and she just couldn’t wait to share with you lucky guys. She got a weird invitation last week to a party, but on the invite she didn’t saw to many information, but she still went. When she arrived there there were men all over the place and only two or three babes. You can imagine that she was more that pleased with this turn of events. So she started searching for the perfect one to stuff her eager pussy.

After she started talking with this guy she found out that, the party she was invited had a theme and that was gangbangs. After hearing that everything started to make sense. So before you know it she was cornered by three dudes and taken to an  empty room. There she was undressed and got a special treatment. She got naked guys around here, with their hard cocks waiting to get pleased so she started the pleasing part.  She stuffed one hard cock in her filthy mouth while stroking another one and the guys started massaging her juggs and rubbing her pussy. So don’t miss this mexican lust gallery! Enjoy it!


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Blowjob Expert

Mexican lust is here with another cock sucking slut that wanted to brag with her skills. This Latina hottie, as you already noticed, has them all. An amazing body, amazing curves, huge all natural juggs and a weakness for cocks. So when she was invited to dinner she already knew how the night would end up. But she played along, dressed up and everything and went to the restaurant. She knew the guy, because they’ve went in a date before but she didn’t manage to bring him to her place. But this time was different and she finally got what she wanted.


They ended at her place and everything went quite smooth until she had to take a  shower and asked him to rub her back for her. Well was what started it all, of course. She pulled him in the tub with her and started ripping off her wet cloths. Then before you know it she stuffed his hard cock in her filthy mouth and started sucking it until she got creamy loads of cum all over her delicious curves. Don’t miss this insane mexicanlust update and see what our horny gal did next. See you next time with fresh new updates and don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside blog. Enjoy!

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Mexican Lust – Oral Sex Lesson

We are back with more mexican lust pics and videos for you guys. Well today you are in for a treat, because we brought you our cock sucking expert here to share her special tips. Carolina just can’t pass a day without cock and that’s how she got so good at what she does. She actually once said that practice is everything. Carolina is one of our older Latina porn stars with many videos and pics in her portfolio. So if you enjoy watching hot Brazilian models revealing their delicious curves, this is the right place to be!

Like I said in the beginning of this update she brought you guys a video that she took a few days ago with the help of one of her friends. She put on her sexy black lingerie, her stockings and high heels and started her demonstration. She used a dildo for this video but what she did with it, it just can’t be explained using words. She started with rubbing it and then she shoved in her filthy mouth and started sucking it and I can assure you she really knew what she was doing. So don’t miss this mexicanlust update and check out her galleries to see how this scene ended. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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